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MidAtlantic Dental Transitions is completely transparent about fees.  We are proud to offer some of the industry’s lowest fees knowing that our service will exceed your expectations.   MidAtlantic Dental Transitions’ philosophy is:  you’ll get more and pay less.

“Dr. M (Chicago, IL)”]Dr. Tom Bonsack came on site and completed a relatively fast but thorough evaluation of the practice. Since Tom is also a dentist he understands not just the office numbers, but also the intricacies of schedules, doctor personalities and how these and other factors combine to form the office dynamics. After consulting with Dr. Bonsack regarding these factors, we determined that the office was not a good fit for me.  Although disappointing at the time, I have gone on to purchase a successful practice. Dr. Bonsack saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars by helping me determine which practices were a good fit for my style of dentistry.[

Not only do we have reasonable fees, but we keep more money in your pocket in other ways.  Whether you are a seller or a buyer we have alliances with knowledgeable attorneys and CPAs that are also sensitive to making the transition cost-effective.  Because Dr. Bonsack and Curt Cooney understand the process in total, they also save dentists money by limiting their exposure to unnecessary attorney and certified public accountant fees.

Most importantly, beyond our reasonable fees, we excel at representing our dentists to make sure that they get the best total deal possible.  For sellers that means we are striving to get top dollar for their particular practice in their particular marketplace.  When we represent buyers we negotiate the terms of the practice sale in their best interest.  Put simply, we get our clients the best price and terms at the lowest costs!

Seller Fees

  • No fee practice valuations for listed practices
  • Lowest commission in the industry!

Buyer Fees

  • $2750.00 for complete due diligence in evaluating a practice for sale
  • $950.00 personal on-site practice analysis by Dr. Bonsack (not including travel expenses if out of local area)
  • $365.00 per hour for negotiation services and LOI writing

General Consultative Fee

  • $365.00 per hour


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