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MidAtlantic Dental Transitions offers the DIY program for those that want to sell their dental practice on their own.  This program is a great alternative to dentists who want help from a knowledgeable advisor but who desire control over how much money is spent for the advisor’s service.

We offer an all-inclusive total program as well as a consultative only program.

Total Program ($5900.00)

  1. No fee valuation
  2. Step by Step Instructions
    1. When to sell your practice
    2. How and when to prepare for a sale
    3. How to make your practice more valuable
    4. How to find buyers
    5. Where and how to place an effective ad
    6. Why and how to keep your sale confidential
    7. How to interview potential buyers
    8. How and when to get cost-effective help from attorneys and certified public accountants
    9. What important points need to be negotiated and how to go about it
    10. How and when to get help from banks
    11. How to write a letter of intent and what should be included
    12. Other important details to help you prepare, organize and execute a dental practice sale.
  3. Unlimited phone and email consultative services to help you through the process

Consultative Program Only ($200/hour)

  1. Practice valuation not included ($1300.00)
  2. For those that want to sell their practice on their own but want an advisor willing to help as necessary

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