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MidAtlantic Dental Transitions offers unparalleled service to sellers.  Whether you are selling to an individual or a DSO, MADT will negotiate the best terms possible.   Having sold his own Maryland practice as well as assisted others with their practice sales, Dr. Bonsack understands all the details involved with completing a successful dental transition.  MADT uses ouryears of experience dealing with people to bring a seller and buyer together.  MADT also has excellent attorneys and certified public accountants ready to expedite the process.

The best time to contact MidAtlantic Dental Transitions about a possible practice sale is several years before you are planning to sell.  Because Dr. Bonsack was able to run a very successful, efficient office he can help you increase your bottom-line leading up to the sale. This will make you realize a higher sale price.

“Dr. R”]Tom was the seller’s representative in the purchase of my dental practice, and he handled himself in a very professional manner. He was very prompt to respond to my emails and texts and ensured the deal was completed in a timely fashion, all the while being mindful of the right way of getting things done.

He went the extra mile and provided me with some contacts in the dental industry that he had found to be particularly helpful in his years of practice, as well as advice that he felt gave him success in the past – this was very helpful to a first-time business owner. I would certainly reach out to Tom in the future if I want to purchase another practice or sell my own practice. Thanks, Tom.[

When you are ready to sell, MidAtlantic Dental Transitions will provide you with a no fee valuation.  Dental practice appraisals can be done using many different methods. MADT will make sure the valuation is based on a thorough cash flow analysis, which is exactly what the bank will use to determine if the sale price is feasible for full financing.  We have several bank contacts to help with this process.  Being a dentist who owned and operated his own practice, Dr. Bonsack understands how much effort goes into building a practice.  MADT’s mission is to get the best price and terms for each and every seller.  Ultimately a win-win situation needs to be created for a successful transition to take place.

Because we help buyers, we always have a pool of perspective buyers which we can match up with sellers.  If we don’t have a good match we will market the practice to find an appropriate buyer.  Once we have a buyer we will expedite the transition in a timely and professional manner.  Our commission, which is not paid until the closing, promises to be the lowest in the industry.

Sellers have options on how to transition their practice other than an outright sale.  These options include a partnership buy-out, an associate buy-in, a deferred sale to an associate, a pre-retirement sale or a practice merger sale.  Selling to a DSO is also an option and MADT has had great success negotiating with the DSOs.   MidAtlantic Dental Transitions provides valuations and consultative services for these transactions as well.

We at MADT understand that selling your practice can be very emotional.  We are determined to make sure the transfer of a legacy is expedited in a caring and professional manner.  Whether you are local dentist looking for a Maryland dental broker or a dentist in another state, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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