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“I approached the change in my career path, after 30 years in private practice, by consulting with a retired clinician I had admired for many years. He suggested I call Tom, saying “he’s been through this himself”. I had talked with other friends who had worked through brokers who charged huge commissions to sell something (my practice) that they had never experienced firsthand themselves. The attention to detail, empathy with the anxiety of selling something I built and the support I received from Tom was so important. My transaction was unique and predicated on my obtaining another position for which I had applied but not been hired. Tom got the entire package together in such I way that I was protected throughout this long drawn out hiring process. It is unfortunate that brokers “hold” their sellers close to themselves so that they get that big commission. Tom’s approach is so different and he reaches out to buyers, brokers, and anyone else that might participate in the process. A unique and ethical approach that hopefully can change the landscape of dental practice sales to include a win/win for buyer and seller and a reasonable return for effort and commitment for the broker. You can’t get more honest and committed than Dr. Tom Bonsack. Using Tom to sell or buy a practice will be the best move you ever make.”     Dr. Craig Slotke

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